Distribution and Reverse Logistics

Worldbond Inc. is vastly seasoned in the distribution and reverse logistic services. Whether the product is moving from business to business (B2B) or Consumer to Business (C2B), we have a fully refined process which includes inspection, repackaging, refurbishing, consolidation or disposal. 

E-Commerce Fulfillment

Worldbond Inc. is a leading provider of a complete supply chain solution. By combining our in-house fulfillment warehousing and technology, we are able to provide our vendors a complete hassle-free way to manage, store and ship their products to their customers fast. In addition we provide entry ways into new markets such as Mass Merchant Retailers as well as over 11+ of the most popular E-Commerce Websites in Canada. Using our discounted shipping rates assure our vendors that their products as profitable as it can be.


Liquidation & Closeout

At Worldbond inc., we purchase all types of liquidation and closeout products in a variety of categories. We purchase all types of closeouts including excess inventory, general merchandise, liquidation merchandise and closeout products, offering the most return on investment for our clients. Our speciality is focused on manufacturer closeouts as well as business liquidation.

Manufacturer Rep

Worldbond Inc. is a Canadian manufacturers' representation firm who specializes in the Consumer Electronics and Appliances Sector, representing brands such as Lexma Canada, Envic Mobile, Collagen Lift and HQ. We promote the latest products in the industry while providing support for our end-users, distributors and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Our strength comes from experience, with over 20 years of proven value as manufacturers' representatives. With our expert sales staff and our team of previously mass-merchant executives, Worldbond Inc. has the capacity to assist customers in their custom outfitting needs - from concept to completion.\


Megahomeshow (Warehouse Sale)

Warehouse Sales are one of our Specialties. Overtime we have developed a name brand Warehouse sale in and around Toronto. Megahomeshow Warehouse Sale is a direct outlet for factories to liquidate their overstock or bad box inventory. With our constantly changing online inventory of new, re-boxed and refurbished items, along with superior warranty and customer service, you can expect to get the best deal for the buck!