Dry Rack 晾衣架 SL-2067- 白色

Dry Rack 晾衣架 SL-2067- 白色

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堅固耐用且節省空間的Easy Life衣物乾燥架可讓您將衣物懸掛在幾乎任何地方進行乾燥。 這款方便的干燥架由耐用的冷軋鋼製成,可提供長達35米的干燥空間,並且在不使用時可折疊。

•材質:用堅固的材料烘乾晾衣架。 穩定而堅固的多位置乾衣機。 高等級材料,可防止日曬

•設計:X形姿勢的光滑多梯形耐用晾衣架。 可折疊設計–易於安裝和拆卸。 纖巧的包裝架,可輕鬆安裝在門後或洗衣機與烘乾機之間

•用途:非常適合乾燥精緻的衣服。 功能性晾衣架可以折疊以節省空間。 適合在室內和室外使用。 多位置晾衣架可讓您的衣服像毛衣一樣保持完美形狀

•尺寸:24 X 39(英寸)

•保養提示:偶爾用濕布清潔機架。 僅使用溫和的清潔劑和噴霧劑。 避免使用任何刺激性的化學物質。 避免雨淋
Sturdy and space-saving, the Easy Life Clothes Drying Stand lets you hang clothes to dry just about anywhere. Made of durable cold-rolled steel this handy drying rack provides up to 38′ of drying space and folds when not in use.

• Material: drying cloth rack with sturdy material. Stable and strong multi-positional cloth dryer. High grade material which prevents sun fading

• Design: sleek multi-rung durable drying rack in X-shape stance. Foldable design – easy to put up and take down. Slim package rack that easily fits behind the door or between the washer and dryer

• Use: ideal for drying delicate clothes. Functional drying rack can be folded to conserve space. Suitable for using both indoors and outdoors. Multi positional drying rack will keep your clothes like sweaters in perfect shape

• Dimensions: 24 X 39 (in inches)

• Care Tips: clean the rack occasionally with a wet cloth. Use only gentle cleaners and sprays. Avoid use of any harsh chemicals. Keep it away from rain