Logitech iPhone 7 Hinge Wallet Case  - Black
Logitech iPhone 7 Hinge Wallet Case  - Black

Logitech iPhone 7 Hinge Wallet Case - Black

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• iPhone 7 Wallet Case
• Holds IPhone at any angle
• A tidy way to stash your stuff
• Withstands daily wear and tear

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Logitech Hinge The iPhone case that adjusts to anything you want to do. Product Description Now everyday protection meets ultimate practicality. There is a Hinge wallet case for your iPhone. Slim and flexible, Hinge adjusts to any viewing angle within a 40-degree range. It also has slots and pockets for 2 credit cards / IDs and bills. HOLDS IPHONE AT ANY ANGLE Get comfy with a perfect viewing angle no matter what you do: watch movies in bed, surf the web on the couch or catch up on the news on the train. The hinge can hold iPhone in any viewing angle within a 40-degree range instead of fixed positions thanks to a unique smooth-gliding hinge. IPhone stays firmly in place until you decide to change it. A TIDY WAY TO STASH YOUR STUFF Hinge has 2 slots to hold your credit cards and ID, plus a pocket for bills. So all the important things you might need can be kept together in a snug package that fits into your pocket. WITHSTANDS DAILY WEAR AND TEAR Hinge is made out of technical-weave fabric that is designed to hold up well to traveling, scuffs and scratches, tossing in a bag, and repeated daily use. The fabric is also spill resistant and can easily be wiped clean.