Panasonic ER-GB60 Beard & Hair Trimmer - Refurbished

Panasonic ER-GB60 Beard & Hair Trimmer - Refurbished

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Beardos and goatee-lovers alike will love the ease of the Panasonic Beard and Hair Trimmer. Tame that scratchy nest with this multi-functional trimmer that boasts 39 different cutting stages and a sharp 45-degree, wide blade for precise trimming.

More Information

• Cutting stages range from 1-10mm for beard trimming and 11-20mm for hair trimming

• Sharp 45-degree, wide blade trimmer specializes in precision cutting for more precise looks

• Easy Adjust Dial

• 1-hour charge time for 50 minutes of cordless use, and can also be used with cord

• Includes a beard trimmer comb, hair trimmer comb, AC adaptor, cleaning brush, oil and pouch