Panasonic Premium Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Headphones with Travel Case RP-HC800-K - Black (Refurbished)

Panasonic Premium Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Headphones with Travel Case RP-HC800-K - Black (Refurbished)

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Panasonic Premium Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Headphones with Travel Case RP-HC800-K - Black (Refurbished)

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Panasonic RP-HC800-K Premium Noise Cancelling Over-the-Ear Headphones

Enjoy a powerful yet serene listening experience with Panasonic’s RP-HC800-K Noise Cancelling Headphones Featuring cutting-edge noise cancelling technology, the RP-HC800-K keeps ambient noise from the outside world at bay for an enhanced, distraction-free listening experience. Premium 40mm drivers deliver powerful bass along with precise, clean mid- to high-frequency tones. A convenient fold-flat design provides easy portability and compact storage. A built-in mic and controller let you easily make and take calls from your smartphone as well as adjust voice and music volume of an iPhone, iPad, or iPod.


Noise Reduction Technology

The enhanced feedback-cancelling technology designed into the RP-HC800-K delivers superb noise reduction performance over a wide frequency range. As audio is received, a built-in, high-performance microphone in the housing continually detects environmental noise in the mid- to low-frequency range, which is then countered by a reverse-phase sound wave to significantly diminish the noise. Comfortable, fully sealed ear cups also block environmental noise entry in the mid- to high-frequency range.

Outstanding Comfort and Fit

The wide, soft and comfortable headband adjusts easily to any head size. Cushioned ear pads also conform to the head's individual contours, and apply slight pressure to the earlobes for added noise reduction.

Powerful, True-to-Life Sound

With individual 40mm driver units, the RP-HC800-K Headphones deliver rich, satisfying sound. You'll also enjoy a full, true-to-life sound field with deep, realistic bass and clear, natural mid-to-high-frequency sounds.

Up to 40 Hours of Playback

The included, long-lasting alkaline battery provides 40 hours of noise-cancelling music play. What's more, you can also enjoy your favorite music whether the noise cancelling switch is on or off. This versatile hybrid sound reproduction system even lets you listen to music after the battery has run out.

Detachable Audio Cord

For maximum portability, the 1.5 m/4.9 ft. cord can be easily detached for optimum convenience and storage.

Swivel, Fold-flat Ease

The headphone housings are designed to swivel 90 degrees to be fold flat for compact storage.

Compact Carrying Case

The included carrying case protects the headphones from dirt, dust and impact while traveling, and help maintain the shape of the headphones when packed in a bag or luggage