Sunnycreek Canadian Ginseng Elixir
Sunnycreek Canadian Ginseng Elixir

Sunnycreek Canadian Ginseng Elixir

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  • Brewed by Canadian Ginseng and Ontario VQA ice grape juice 
  • Contains a whole Canadian ginseng aged for over four years 
  • Natural health food approved by Health Canada 
  • Immunity booster and anti-oxidant(NPN 80024881) 
  • 200ml/bottle, 11% alc./vol 
  • Produced by the natural health food manufacturer certified by Health Canada 

We are unique 

The only combination of 

Ginseng and icewine on the market 

An attractive product for anybody regardless of their experience of the benefit of ginseng 

The preciousness of the Canadian Ginseng Elixir stems from the limited natural resource of the raw material. 

Equivalent with the best quality of VQA Canadian Icewine, the ice-grape used to produce the Canadian Ginseng Elixir is licensed by the VQA that only recognizes the finest of Ice grape. They are matured for a year and are only harvested in the midst of winter at a temperature of -8 Celsius over 24 hours. This process evaporates the water in grapes and condenses the flavor, thus requiring ten times the amount of fine grape used to produce typical wine. It is proper to say that the Canadian Ginseng Elixir is simply liquid gold. 

During the production of an Ontario ginseng, the ginseng becomes deeply rooted into the soil to maximize its nutrient absorbtion. However, this process renders the soil useless for ten years due to the lack of remaining nutrients after harvest, and it would not be for another forty years until the same soil is capable of growing ginseng. Evidently, the four year old whole ginsengs contained in each bottle of the Canadian Ginseng Elixir are immeasurably valuable and hard to obtain. 

We are Precious 

We emphasize well-being 

Canadian ginseng proves to be effective in boosting immunity and enhancing physical strength. It is pharmacologically more mild and gentle when compared with the Asian ginseng, making it better for long term use. Once coupled with icewine, the Canadian Ginseng Elixir is moreover an benefit of anti-oxidation and anti-ageing. 

When one sits down with friends to enjoy a beautiful afternoon under the sunset, adding Canadian Ginseng Elixir to the experience truly makes the moment worthwhile. 

We are ‘true-North’ Canadian 

With the ‘true-North’ breed of Canada, Canadian Ginseng Elixir combines ginseng and icewine -- the two most celebrated canadian products, making it the perfect gift for any holiday or special occasion.